Final Exam Review

Final Exam Review - function E(p) and [b] compute whether...

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Final Exam Review Section 1.5 1. Find ± ∞ x lim (rational function) Section 1.6 2. List all values of x for which f(x) = ____________ is continuous. Sections 2.1 – 2.3 3. Differentiate f(x) = _________________ 4. Use quotient or product rule to differentiate f(x) = _________________ Section 2.4 5. Find the equation for the tangent line to the curve y = (___________) n Section 2.5 6. If the total cost of manufacturing q units of a certain commodity is C(q) = _______________, use marginal analysis to estimate the cost of producing the nth unit, in dollars. Section 2.6 7. Find dx dy by implicit differentiation: ax + by = c Section 3.1 8. Find the intervals of increase and decrease for the function f(x) = ______________. Section 3.2 9. Find the inflection point, if any, of f(x) = __________________ Section 3.3 10. Find the asymptotes, if any for a rational function. Section 3.4 11. Find the absolute minimum or maximum of a function on a given interval. 12. Given the demand function d(p) = _____________, [a] compute the elasticity
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Unformatted text preview: function E(p) and [b] compute whether it is elastic, inelastic, or of unit elasticity at p = _______. Section 3.5 13. How much money should be invested today at a given interest rate and compounding period so that it will have a specified value in ____ years? Section 4.3 14. Find dx dy for a function involving e kx . Section 4.4 15. Differentiate the function f(x) = ____________ (involves product or quotient rule). Section 5.1 16. Find the indefinite integral: ( 29 dx __________ Section 5.2 17. Find the indefinite integral, using substitution. Section 5.3 18. Find the definite integral: ( 29 dx b a __________ Section 5.4 19. Compute the area of the finite region bounded by the graphs of the functions y = _______ and y = _________. ( Graph provided) Section 5.5 20. Find the useful life of a machine (rounded to nearest year) and compute The net profit generated by the machine over its useful life....
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Final Exam Review - function E(p) and [b] compute whether...

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