Apportionment Project

Apportionment Project - MGF 1107 GRADED HOMEWORK PROJECT...

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MGF 1107 GRADED HOMEWORK PROJECT Since this assignment is graded, you may not consult with other students . Doing so is considered cheating and will be dealt with as such. I will be happy to help with any problems you are having. It should be done on Excel 2003 or 2007. You must label what each column represents. I want to receive two tables, one for each apportionment method and formatted to fit to one page each. Each table should have a title that includes the method used and the census year upon which it is based, all columns clearly labeled, the apportionment, the bias calculation, and who the bias favors. On the spreadsheet, let the first tab store the raw census data; then copy that data onto the second and third worksheet tabs, labeling each tab with the method being used. Format each of the two worksheets in an easily understood manner and formatted to fit to one page with a title at the top. Appearance counts! On a Word document, compare and contrast the two methods; e.g., which states’ apportionments differ in this census, what problems does each method have, to what flaws or paradoxes is it subject, etc. Your papers should incorporate proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Make sure your name is included on both the spreadsheet and the Word document. Email the package to [email protected] by noon, October 15. This project will be averaged with your other online homework and count as 15% of your grade. Standard Modified House Size: 435 Divisor = Divisor = Lower Modified State Count Quota Quota Quota etc Large California Apportionment Using ______________ Method 2000 Census Here are some helpful Excel commands: * is the multiplication sign / is the division sign ROUNDDOWN(A4,0) rounds the contents of cell A4 down so that zero decimal places remain. In other words, cell A4 is rounded down to the nearest integer. ROUNDUP(C11,0) rounds the contents of cell C11 up to the nearest integer.
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Apportionment Project - MGF 1107 GRADED HOMEWORK PROJECT...

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