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Chapter 1 – Review Guide 1. Know all the vocabulary definitions (see crossword puzzle) 2. Understand what science is defined as, and what its purpose as a subject is 3. Analyze the experiments that disproved spontaneous generation; know the scientists responsible for each 4. List the steps of the scientific method 5. Understand the relationship between controls, manipulated variables, and responding variables. Be able to identify these in a scenario (see Simpson’s worksheet) 6. List alternatives to doing an experiment 7. Define a theory, list examples of theories; explain why they are important in science 8. List the characteristics of life 9. List the levels of organization from simple to most complex
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Identify units used in the metric system to measure length, mass, and volume. 11. Understand the differences between a light microscope and an electron microscope. Distinguish between a scanning electron and a transmission electron microscope. Study Tips **Review the end of chapter questions **Take the online practice quiz at www.biologycorner.com ** Reread your notes while you skim the chapter ** Quiz yourself on the vocabulary words using the crossword puzzle ** Plan to set aside at least a half hour to study the night before the test Test Information **Multiple Choice (bring a pencil) **Worth 100 pts **There are NO do-overs, retakes, or extra credit what you get, is what you get...
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