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Name: ___________________________ 1-3 Studying Life 1. What does the word biology mean? _________________________________ 2. List the 8 characteristics of living things (see page 16): ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 3. Circle the letter of each sentence that is TRUE about cells. a. A cell is the smallest unit of an organism that is considered alive. b. A multicellular organism may contain trillions of cells. c. A living thing that consists of a single cell is a multicellular organism. d. Organisms are made up of cells. 4. A type of asexual reproduction where a portion of the organism splits off to form a new organism is called _____________________. 5. What is metabolism? _____________________________________________ 6. Plants, some bacteria, and most algae obtain their energy directly from ___________. 7. A _______________ is a signal to which an organism responds.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Give 2 examples of external stimuli: _______________________________________. 9. The process by which organisms maintain constant internal conditions if referred to as ___________________________. 10. ___________________ is any change in a kind of organism over time. (Some) BRANCHES OF BIOLOGY: 11. A biologist who studies animals is called a ____________________________. 12. A plant biologist is referred to as a _________________________________. 13. Someone who studies ancient life is a ________________________________. Levels of Organization: (see figure 1-21) 14. The smallest functional unit of life is the ___________________. 15. Groups of cells working together form { molecules or tissues } circle one 16. ____________________ community and its nonliving surroundings. 17. An ________________________ is an individual living thing. 18. The ________________________ is the part of Earth that contains all ecosystem...
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