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Chapter 27 Review – Mollusks and Annelids 1.  Know the taxonomy of organisms in these two groups (Kingdom, Phylum, Class) 2.  Be able to match organisms to their correct phylum and class. 3.  Describe the main structures and their functions in annelids (see notes)  4.  Name the three main groups of annelids  5.  Name the three main groups of mollusks
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Describe the feeding methods of the different types of mollusks and annelids 7. Describe the anatomy of the earthworm, clam and the squid. . VOCAB Cerebral ganglion Nephridia Setae Foot Mantle Parapodia Siphons Aortic arches Radula Trochophore Visceral mass Septa Mantle Pharynx Pen Gizzard Crop Intestine Nautilus Nudibranch Coelom Hermaphrodite Anus Tentacles...
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