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Chap 27-1 Reading Name _________________________________ 1. Name two types of unsegmented worms. ___________________________________________ 2. To what phylum do the flatworms belong? __________________________________________ 3. Flatworms are soft, flattened worms that have tissues and internal ______________________________ 4. A fluid filled body cavity that is lined with tissue is called a _______________________________ 5. What type of symmetry does a flatworm have? ______________________________ 6. Flatworms rely on __________________ for respiration and excretion. 7. The muscular tube near the mouth that aids in getting food is called the _________________________ 8. How do parasitic flatworms obtain their food? ____________________________________________ 9. What type of flatworm has no digestive tract at all? _____________________________ 10. What do flame cells do? _______________________________________________________________ 11. What is ganglia? ____________________________________________ Do flatworms have ganglia?
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