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Reading 27-3 Name_________________________________ 1. Annelids are probably more closely related to ________________________ and snails than they are to roundworms. 2. The Latin word “annellus” means ____________________________________________ 3. What are septa? ____________________________________________________________ 4. What are setae? ____________________________________________________ 5. Annelids are worms with _____________________________________bodies. They have a true _____________________________that is lined with tissue derived from the mesoderm. 6. Name two ways that annelids can get their food: ________________________________________ 7. What type of annelid has jaws to capture prey? ________________________________________ 8. In earthworms, what is the job of the pharynx? ________________________________________ 9. Once food enters the earthworm, it goes to two structures: _________________________ (where food is stored) _________________________ ( grinds food ) 10. What type of circulatory system do annelids have? ____________________________________
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