31-1_reptiles - 31-1 ReptilesName...

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Unformatted text preview: 31-1 ReptilesName ____________________________________1. A reptile is a __________________ that has dry, scaly skin, lungs, and terrestrial ________________ with several membranes.2. The body covering of reptiles (scales) helps to prevent what? _______________________3. What is the disadvantage of having scaly skin? ____________________________________________Evolution of Reptiles4. The fossil of the first known reptile dates back to the ________________________ period.5. What does the word dinosaur translate to? ______________________________________________6. The Mesozoic period is also known as the ________________________________________7. What dinosaur is known to have traveled in family groups? ____________________________8. What branch of dinosaurs lead to modern birds? ______________________________________9. In what period did the dinosaurs become extinct? ________________________________ How many millions of years ago? ______Form and Function in Reptiles10. List seven adaptations that have contributed to the success of reptiles on land:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________...
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31-1_reptiles - 31-1 ReptilesName...

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