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AP-Ch.-8-9-Questions - Ch 8 Cognition and Language...

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Ch. 8 Cognition and Language- Questions (Ch. 9 for Per. 2) 1. Identify and briefly explain each of the parts of the Circle of Thought. 2. Identify and briefly explain each of the 5 stages of the Information-Processing Model. 3. Define Reaction time and briefly explain the factors that influence it. 4. What is an evoked brain potential? 5. Define Concepts and explain the difference between Artificial Concepts and Natural Concepts. 6. Explain the role that each of the following play in the thought process: a. Schemas b. Scripts c. Mental models d. Images e. Cognitive Maps 7. Explain formal (logical) reasoning. (include info on algorithms, rules of logic, syllogisms, and confirmation bias) 8. Explain how informal reasoning is different than formal reasoning, include a description of what heuristics are and how they influence your thought. 9. Briefly explain how each of the following Strategies for Problem Solving works: a. Means-End Analysis (Decomposition) b. Working Backward c. Using Analogies d. Incubation
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