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Chapter 11 Motivation and Emotion 1. The factors that influence the initiation, direction, intensity, and persistence of behavior is called ______. 2. List the 4 common sources of motivation. 3. Many early psychologists believed that motivation was automatic and unlearned. They follow the ______ theory. 4. The tendency to automatically maintain an equilibrium is _______. 5. The ______ theory is based on the answer to the previous question. 6. According the arousal theory, a person will perform best under what level of arousal? 7. When people do things for a reward, they are following the ______ theory. 8. The ________ in the brain plays a critical role in hunger. 9. ____________ is a state of being severely overweight. 10. Self-starvation is called _________nervosa. 11. Forced vomiting is a sign of ________ nervosa. 12. Give 2 characteristics of individuals with a high need for achievement. 13. List 2 differences between men and women in regards to achievement motivation.
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Unformatted text preview: 14. _________ suggested that human behavior is influenced by 5 classes of needs. 15. List the 5 classes of needs according to #14. 16. Explain the 4 types of motivational conflicts. 17. List 3 common characteristics of emotion. 18. The _______ in the brain plays the largest role in emotion. 19. Changes that help prepare the body to combat or run is called the _____syndrome. 20. The _________ theory of emotion emphasizes cognitive interpretation. 21. The _________ theory of emotion emphasizes peripheral responses. 22. The _________ theory of emotion emphasizes the role of the Central N.S. 23. Expressions of emotion are considered to be ______ and _______. 24. A ______ machine studies changes in heart rate and breathing to see if someone is lying. 25. List 1 social influence on emotional expression. 26. List 1 cultural influence of emotional expression....
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