study guide - Helot Archaic Period (600-480 BC)- The bottom...

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Unformatted text preview: Helot Archaic Period (600-480 BC)- The bottom of Spartan society- Serfs acquired from Spartan conquest - Not bought and sold as slaves of individual Spartiates (Belonged to the state and worked the land)- Physical labor of land to sustain divided society- Constant threat that a possible helot uprising was constant preoccupation for the Spartiates Akhenaten - New city established center of new cult- Developed by Akhenaton Egyptian Pharaoh (1350-1334 BC) who rejected traditional polytheism encouraged worship on the god Aton (disk of Sun)- This was Akhenatons attempt to assert control and political revolution but he failed Phoenicians The Phoenicians are considered the Canaanite survivors They eventually fell foul to the Greeks and Romans who once feared them They were conquered first by the Assyrians and then by Persia Above all they were traders and travelers throughout the Mediterranean and therefore established a series of bases through the Mediterranean and founded colonies on the islands of Cyprus, Malta, Sicily, Sardinia, and mainland Spain Herodotus - Greek Historian Father of History 5 th c. BC- History as inquiry to try to understand past used to explain Persian Wars- Freedom vs. despotism- 1 st historian to collect his materials systematically, test accuracy, and arrange in a well-constructed narrative Lysistrata One of the best known plays written in 411 BC, the year in which fighting resumed in the Peloponnesian War written by Aristophanes...
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study guide - Helot Archaic Period (600-480 BC)- The bottom...

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