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Informative Speech outline

Informative Speech outline - PURPOSE At the end of my...

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PURPOSE At the end of my speech, the audience will better understand the risks of using cell phones while driving and the importance of the new laws being made. INTRODUCTION Last weekend I got into my first fender bender (show slide 2). I pride myself on being an excellent driver. The reason for my accident? A turkey. (show slide 3) There is a random turkey that likes to hang out on the corner of a busy intersection in my town. It is a slightly new development since I’ve been in Oxford. It’s even been on ABC News. When I came home for the weekend, my parents asked if I’d seen the turkey yet. Driving through the intersection on my way home from the pharmacy, I was fixated by the turkey and rear-ended the person in front of me. I was scared, confused, shocked, mad, sad, you name it. I was crying so hard and hyperventilating, not to mention suffered a concussion. All I could manage to say to the victim was “I just wanted to see the turkey.” He looked at me like I was crazy because he has never seen nor heard of the turkey. It wasn’t until the policemen arrived that he supported my story. This incident caused me to think of reasons people crash their cars. (slide 4) While driving under the influence and bad weather are some leading factors, using a cell phone is the number one reason. Almost everyone has a cell phone these days, and we are constantly using them for Internet, games, music, and communicating with others through texts, emails, and calls. Although there are some people who are in opposition to new laws banning cell phones while driving, there are several risks that come with it.
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