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persuasive outline - GENERAL PURPOSE to persuade SPECIFIC...

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GENERAL PURPOSE to persuade SPECIFIC PURPOSE By the end of my speech, my audience will agree that school uniforms have more negative impacts than benefits. INTRODUCTION We are always told to never judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately we do. We unconsciously form opinions when looking at someone else. It is a natural process that helps us put people in groups. We feel uncomfortable when someone/something doesn’t fit into a group. We should judge someone based on their character, but we may not get that far if their appearance isn’t attractive to us. CENTRAL IDEA While many people think that the pro’s of school uniforms outweigh the con’s, from experience, I am going to take a commonly agreed pro and show you why it’s actually a con. Preview: First, we will look at arguments of distraction, then arguments of cost, and finally arguments of life lessons. I. Are they causing distractions? A. Teachers have to focus on the uniform policy and disciplining students if they are not following the policy. They should be more focused on teaching. 1. (St. Mary’s experience) While keeping your shirt tucked in and wearing a belt with pants were basic rules to follow, the rules became outrageous! You would be violating the code of conduct if: your socks weren’t above your ankle bone, you had a logo on your shirt, you wore more than one ring on each hand, you wore your
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persuasive outline - GENERAL PURPOSE to persuade SPECIFIC...

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