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rhetorical analysis - An Audience-Centered Message Speeches...

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An Audience-Centered Message Speeches are influential ways of delivering a message to a large group of people. When there is a crisis that needs to be resolved or an issue that needs to be confronted, presidents and other leaders utilize rhetoric to address these matters. Many techniques can be used to better support the content and delivery of the speech. President Barack Obama effectively took the audience’s needs into consideration while preparing and delivering his speech about the oil spill. A) A speech was delivered on June 15, 2010 from the Oval Office that discusses the oil spill our nation has been dealing with since April 20, 2010. The nation as a whole is spoken to, and attempts to comfort us are supported by reassuring that the spill will be cleaned up, BP will pay for the damages its created and the people of the Gulf Coast will be taken care of. This unfortunate disaster is affecting the people, the economy, and the environmental safety of our country. Although the oil spill is not directly ruining the lives of everyone in our nation, it is impacting our country as a whole. The people of the United States want to know what actions are taking place to fix the damages caused by the oil spill. Pressure is put on President Obama to provide answers to the questions the American people have. Misfortunes like this can happen anywhere in the United States at any given time, and we want to be assured that our government is capable of stepping in and helping out. B) President Barack Obama gave this speech after he visited the site of the oil spill. He believes it is unfair that we are suffering the consequences of a situation that is out of our hands. As his main purpose is to inform us that actions are taking place to
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rhetorical analysis - An Audience-Centered Message Speeches...

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