essay #1 - To Take Control In society gender norms have...

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To Take Control In society gender norms have been established, telling us how males and females are expected to look and behave. A male is perceived to be confident, tough and powerful whereas a female is presumed to be pure, gentle and subordinate. Although many people tend to follow these stereotypes and simply fall into one category, it isn’t uncommon to find others who deviate in order to gain a sense of control. In The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, we see both conformity and unconformity to the gender roles that Aaron Devor has discussed in Signs of Life. In high school, the overly confident and brazen Trip Fontaine was chosen “Best- looking,” “Best Dressed,” “Best Personality,” and “Best Athlete.” He often received love notes, drugs, money and “Chick Notes” from his admirers (Eugenides 69). Girls were head-over-heels for Trip and worshipped his every move. Without effort, he held control over these young ladies as Devor claims men are supposed to be “characterized by dominance and aggression” (567). Despite being raised by a homosexual father, Trip’s character undoubtedly portrays the stereotypical male. In comparison to Trip, Lux Lisbon also created an attractiveness with the opposite sex, ranging from neighborhood boys to married men. The narrators could only dream of being close to her, for they were awed by her beauty and integrity. When Trip met Lux for the first time, he described being “aware only of the heavenly light in the room” and
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essay #1 - To Take Control In society gender norms have...

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