essay 2 - Reclamation of Masculinity Strength power and...

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Reclamation of Masculinity Strength, power and dominance are common qualities that define a man. Masculinity is the most significant factor when characterizing males. If a man feels inadequate in comparison to other men, this leads to him to develop feelings of insecurity. Naturally aggressive, men often use violence as a way of relieving stress. In Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, we witness the violent stereotypical male at a heightened state. The creation of fight club demonstrates men reaching new heights of aggression in order to defy any association to femininity. While women tend to live carefully and cautiously, men seem to seek out adventure and risk. Men play rough sports, such as football and hockey, because they love playing rough and are motivated by competition. It is natural for males to further explore themselves through dangerous behaviors. The narrator claimed, “I just don’t want to die without a few scars” (Palahniuk 48). He does have a point. Every scar we have usually reflects an accident we had while doing something fun or being spontaneous. Scars are reminders of fun-lived memories we once had. But the way he goes about getting his scars is dramatically achieved through self- inflicted injury. “Maybe self-destruction is the answer” (Palahniuk 49). Creating the club showed the erratic behavior that the narrator and other men felt is necessary to gain a sense of harmony in their lives. It was the only remedy they found that worked to help get them through each week. Fight club was created in attempt to give its members a feeling of control over their own
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essay 2 - Reclamation of Masculinity Strength power and...

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