essay 3 - A First Impression Is All You Get Skimming...

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A First Impression Is All You Get Skimming through an issue of Cosmopolitan , I can only imagine how tough it must be for companies to compete with each other in an attempt to catch the audience’s attention with their advertisement. Magazines aren’t bought for the advertisements, but for the content of the articles. This makes it easy for readers to ignore the pages that lack interesting substance. The format of a print advertisement is directly related to its success of the impact it has on the audience. The format used in the advertisement I chose is important because it is the sole reason it caught my attention. Kate Beckinsale is most prominent image in this advertisement. She is a beautiful, respectable figure we see in the media that viewers are easily able to identify. “Middle-class consumers were invited to compare their enjoyment of the sponsor’s product with that of upper-class models shown happily” interacting with the product (Maasik & Solomon 179). Having her support the product tells us that Absolut vodka must be the best if a person of upper-class status prefers it. In addition to the use of a celebrity, the bathing suit wardrobe Kate wears is an important sign. The gold color of her clothing tells us that, if we didn’t know who she was, she is of high status because her outfit appears to be expensive. In addition, sex appeal is a major factor in getting someone to be intrigued by the ad. Women will be attracted to this because an exposed Kate Beckinsale gives females the opportunity to compare themselves to her and strive for good physique. Men will also be drawn to this advertisement for obvious reasons. According to Devor, “Femininity, as a role, is best suited to satisfying a masculine vision of heterosexual attractiveness” (569). Males like
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to see females dressed in as little clothing as possible because it is appealing to them. As
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essay 3 - A First Impression Is All You Get Skimming...

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