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Dear Students of English 112, Although many people assume strict parenting is unfortunate, I must disagree. I was once a teenage girl myself and know the hardship that comes attached to it: clothes, boys, school, pressures and insecurities. I’ve been through it all. In my early teenage years, I strongly resented my own mother for being over protective and overseeing everything I did. She chose my wardrobe, ensured my homework was completed and dictated my social life, keeping a close eye on everything I did. I hated the way she ran my life and told myself I would be a “cool” mom and be looser with my children. It was not until years later that I realized the reason she controlled things was because she knew best. Although I never would have admitted it then, she was never wrong. She had been in my shoes and wanted the best for me. I see now that my mother was as protective as she was out of love. Having five beautiful daughters of my own, how can I not be so protective?
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