midterm - Midterm Report The only previous information I...

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Midterm Report The only previous information I learned about Africa is hazy from high school. Looking back to my high school years, I am struggling to even remember what history courses I enrolled in. I took an African American Studies class sophomore year of high school, but it was considered an easier course compared to the alternative that year. That class focused more on modern Africa than historical Africa. We learned mostly about how the slave trade affected the African peoples when they were forced to alter their entire lifestyles and conform to American ways. We learned about how they struggled to gain freedom and all the harsh abuse they endured along the way. I’ve seen the movie “Roots” twice; once in African American Studies and once at home with my family. This film follows the journey of one man, Kunta Kinte, (and later his descendants) from when he was kidnapped as a boy in his African village until he grows older. One scene I distinctly remember was when the boys were “becoming men” and needed to be circumcised to do so. This confirms ideas we learned in class about distinguishing males from females by this act. My junior year of high school we were required to take U.S. History. Again, the only area of Africa our course dealt with was the slave trade and how it changed the way work was done, how it changed American values, and how it led to The Civil War. I came into this Black World Studies class with hopes of gaining credit hours related to the Miami Plan. With vague knowledge of Africa’s history, I have been surprised by what I have been learning. From what I learned in high school, I thought of Africa as one giant country with similar cultures and peoples throughout. No one has ever taught me any
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This note was uploaded on 01/04/2012 for the course BWS 224 taught by Professor Osaakolumwullah during the Fall '10 term at Miami University.

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midterm - Midterm Report The only previous information I...

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