chapter 11 - Chapter 11: Diverse and Multicultural Nature...

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Chapter 11: Diverse and Multicultural Nature of the Public Relations Audience Target Audience Generalizations -research is crucial for understanding and reaching those audiences effectively 1.Diversity is the most significant aspect of the mass audience in the US -differences is geography, history, and economy throughout various regions 2.International audience for PR has expanded fast -growing smaller firms 3.Technology can be used to segment and compile the mass audience -efficient and effective to reach an audience outside of geographic bounds 4.The public has become more visually oriented and has a shorter attention span -enormous impact of television on daily life -television serves as a communicator for manners, mores, and aspirations (ex. american idol) 5.Audiences are increasingly taking control of information streams -public determines what content and when it will be delivered -ex. TIVO and podcasts 6.May individuals become very involved in one cause -promoting or opposing a single issue -ex. animal rights, or right to live 7.Heavy emphasis is placed on personality and celebrity -celebs used as spokespersons even though they have no expertise -does not qualify them as opinion leaders 8.Strong distrust of authority and suspicion of conspiracy can arise from sensationalist investigative reporting -public suspects evil motives and enjoys gossip and rumors Public Relations has become more research driven and strategic -audiences targeted specifically -messages customized Controlled media = media which bypasses gatekeepers and communicates through channels directly to the audience Top controlled media - 1. sponsored video 2. online media Reaching Diverse Age Groups Three- Youth/Young Adults, Baby Boomers, Seniors
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Youth and Young Adults -Generation Y (born after 1980) -Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980 -Children and Teens influence parent’s buying decisions, and have their own purchasing power -Youth market= 15 to 24 year olds -Smaller families, dual incomes, and postponing having children to later have increased disposable income -Nagging 1.persistence nagging= a plea repeated over and over again 2.importance nagging= appeals to providing the best for the child -E Generation (because of online pastimes) Will spend 1/3 of their lives online Generation Y values relationships and trust - parents still rule in advice giving - trust in information derived from relationships - top five sources of advice are parents, doctors, clergy, friends, and teachers
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chapter 11 - Chapter 11: Diverse and Multicultural Nature...

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