chapter 14 - Barr 1 Chapter 14 News Releases Media Alerts...

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Barr 1 Chapter 14: News Releases, Media Alerts and Pitch Releases THE NEWS RELEASE - A.k.a. “press release” - Primary purpose is the dissemination of information to mass media such a newspapers, broadcast stations, and magazines - Most commonly used PR tactic - Media relies on news releases because… 1. Reporters/editors spend more time processing info, not gathering it 2. Media doesn’t have enough staff to cover every event in a community - Not paid advertising, therefore no obligation to use any information - Judged solely on newsworthiness, timeliness, interest to readers & other traditional values Tips for News-Centered Releases: - Use short/succinct headlines to peak interest - Don’t use generic words - Use descriptive/creative words - Don’t mention your company’s name if not well known - Ask yourself “who cares?” - No lame quotes - Target your writing - Coincide with current trends - Write simply (use contractions, active voice, action-words to generate excitement, no longer than 34 words) - Follow Associated Press Stylebook - Don’t use metaphors - Don’t be formulaic - Don’t expect editors to print your entire release - Make relevancy clear PLANNING A NEWS RELEASE - Ask the following questions: What is the key message? (one sentence) Who is the primary audience? What does the target audience gain from the product/service? What’s the objective of the news release?
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Barr 2 CONTENT OF A NEWS RELEASE - Written like a news story - Inverted Pyramid used because… 1. Editor/reporter throws away if nothings interesting in first 3 or 4 lines 2. Editors cut stories from the bottom 3. Readers don’t always read full story - Guidelines for content: - Double check all info - Eliminate boldface and capital letters - Include organization background - Localize whenever possible - Ethical considerations FORMAT OF A PRINT NEWS RELEASE Major Components: (see pg. 370) - 8.5 by 11 inch paper - Identify sender’s name, address & telephone # in upper right or left corner - Optional: writing “For Immediate Release” under senders name - Leave 2 inches of space below for editing purposes
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chapter 14 - Barr 1 Chapter 14 News Releases Media Alerts...

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