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Maxine Gradeletter 1985 McKinley Dr. South County, IL (847) 615-1187 [email protected] November 29, 2010 Mr. and Mrs. Rosenbaum 671 Lake Road Lake Forest, IL 60045 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rosenbaum, Thank you for attending the meeting held by Principal Paul Burdick on Saturday morning. I understand there is a concern for safety on campus. I assure you that my top priority for South County High School is the safety and security for all students and faculty. We have worked with law enforcement and school faculty to develop a four- point action plan to tackle the problems we are facing. We have implemented many plans of action in order to increase security in our school.
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Unformatted text preview: There will be six officers present on school grounds as well as video surveillance and metal detectors at all entry points. We will ensure that the district has the training necessary to implement the new policies of cultural diversity, adequate resources to communicate them and the consequences for failing to follow them. Thank you for your support in our efforts to increase the safety and security of South County High School. Feel free to contact me with further questions or concerns. We appreciate your feedback. Sincerely, Maxine Gradeletter District Superintendent...
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