class notes - Ch14 Fundamental attribution error Tendency...

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Ch 1-4 Fundamental attribution error Tendency to overestimate the extent to which people’s behavior is due to internal, dispositional factors, and to underestimate the role of situational factors Availability heuristics based on ease with which they can bring something to mind 6 reasons why Miami is great as opposed to 12 representativeness hueristics according to how similar it is to a typical case tan, blonde boy – must be from California base-rate information info of frequency of members in population easy to guess a Miami student is from OH implicit personality theory type of schema to group different kinds of personality traits together someone who is kind must be generous too what is beautiful is good attribution theory how we explain people’s behavior and its causes
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internal / external attribution Fritz Heider correspondant inference theory Focus on finding stable, underlying attributions Some behavior is esp diagnostic Freely chosen from many alternatives – party, sleep, study covariation model pattern between presence/absence of possible causal factors distinctiveness info – behave same to different stimuli? Consistency info – behavior same across time? consensus info – do other people act same way? Internal when consistency high external when all high circumstance when consistency low Discounting Alternative explanationf for behavior (situational circumstances) reduce internal attributions Augmenting Obstacles to performing behavior (walk thru snow to library) increases internal attributions Actor-observer effect
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class notes - Ch14 Fundamental attribution error Tendency...

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