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Ch 16: Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations Pt 1: ADVERTISING Advertising – any paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization, g/s/i by an identified sponsor TYPES OF ADVERTISING Product ads – focus on selling a g/s Pioneering ((informational)) used in intro stage of product life cycle. Tells people what a product is, what it can do, where it can be found. Key objective is to inform the target market Competitive ((persuasive)) promotes a specific brand’s features and benefits. Objective is to persuade target mkt to select the firm’s brand rather than that of a competitor Comparative shows 1 brand’s strengths relative to those of competitors. Need mkt research to provide legal support for their claims Reminder reinforce previous knowledge of a product. good for products that have achieved a well-recognized position and are in the mature phase. Reinforcement assure content users they made right choice Institutional ads – designed to build goodwill or an image for an organization, rather than promote a specific g/s. used to support PR plan or counter adverse publicity. Advocacy state position of company on an issue or make a request relation to action/behavior Pioneering Institutional what company/product is and does Competitive Institutional promote advantages of/over another Reminder Institutional bring name to attention DEVELOPING THE ADVERTISING PROGRAM Identify the target audience o Influenced by characteristics of prospective consumer o Understanding lifestyles, attitudes, demographics is essential Specify advertising objectives See ch 15 Selecting the advertising budget Escalate cost due to # of viewers (super bowl)
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Designing the advertisement Message focuses on key benefits of the product that are important to prospective buyers Depends on general form of appeal used in ad and actual words included in the ad Message content – info & persuasion combined to form appeal to provide a basic reason for the consumer to act Fear appeals : suggest to consumer he/she can avoid a negative experience thru purchase
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ch 16 notes - Ch 16: Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public...

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