ch14 notes - Ch 14: Retailing & Wholesaling Pt 1: RETAILING...

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Pt 1: RETAILING retailing – activities involved with selling, renting, providing p/s to ultimate consumers for personal, family, or household use Time, Place, Form, Possession Utilities Retail Outlets: Form of ownership – distinguishes retail outlets based on if individuals, corporate chains, or contractual systems own outlet o Individual: are own boss, offers convenience, quality personal service, lifestyle compatability o Corporate Chain: mutltiple outlets under common ownership (macy’s/ bloomingdale’s) Advantage in dealing with manufacturers, esp. if large. Multiple outlets w/ similar merchandise, consistent policies o Contractual Systems: independently owned stores band together to act like a chain. Volume discounts Level of Service – describes degree of service provided to customer based on self-, limited-, or full-service retailers Self: customers perform many functions (cost co, gas station) Limited: provide services such as credit and merchandise return (clothing alterations, walmart/target) Full: free exchanges, easy returns (nordstrom) Type of merchandise line – describes how many different types of products a store carries Depth: store carries a large assortment of each item # of items w/in each product line Ex: Nike, Sperry, Madden, Adidas shoes Breadth: variety of different items Ex: shoes, cd’s, men’s clothes, accessories, etc. Scrambled Merchandising – offering several unrelated product lines in a single retail store Nonstore Retailing:
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Automatic Vending TV home shopping Online retailing Telemarketing Direct Selling Retailing Mix – activities related to managing the store and merchandise. Includes retail pricing, store location, retail communication & merchandise. Retail Pricing
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ch14 notes - Ch 14: Retailing & Wholesaling Pt 1: RETAILING...

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