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Promotional Mix – combination of 1+ communication tools (advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, PR, direct marketing) used to inform, persuade, or remind prospective buyers Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) – concept of designing marketing communications programs that coordinate all promotional activities to provide a consistent message across all audiences Communication conveying a message to others Requires 6 Elements: Source – company/person with info to convey Message – info sent by source Channel – how message is conveyed (person, ad, PR tools) Receiver – consumers who read/head/see message Encode – having the sender transform an idea into symbols Decode – having the receiver transform symbols into ideas Mass selling – used with groups of prospective buyers (ad, sales promotion, PR) Customized interaction – (personal selling) face-to-face, phone, etc. 5 PROMOTIONAL ALTERNATIVES: Advertising – any paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization, good, service, idea by an identification sponsor nonpersonal – no immediate feedback Advantages: attention-getting, communicate specific benefits to buyers, control what is said/to whom, company can decide when to send its message Disadvantages: cost to produce/place message is significant, lack of direct feedback makes it hard to know how well message was received Personal Selling – 2 way flow of communication between a buyer and seller (often in face-to-face encounter) designed to influence a person or group’s purchase decision Advantages: control to whom presentation is made which reduces wasted coverage. Seller can see/hear buyer’s reaction to the message Disadvantages: flexibility.
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ch15 notes - Ch 15: Integrated Marketing Communication...

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