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Personal selling 2 way flow of com between buyer and seller designed to influence a person’s or group’s purchase decision Sales management planning the selling program and implementing and evaluating the personal selling effort of the firm - setting objectives - organizing salesforce - recruiting, selecting, training, compensating salespeople - evaluate performance of individual salespeople 3 major roles of personal selling: 1. salespeople are the critical link between the firm and its customers. Must match company interests w/ customer needs to satisfy both parties in exchange process 2. salespeople are the company in the consumer’s eye. Represent what a company is/wants to be 3. plays dominant role in marketing program relationship selling building ties to customers based on a salesperson’s attention and commitment to customers needs over time. Creates customer value forms of personal selling: order taking processes routine orders or reorders for products that were already sold by the company. Preserve an ongoing relationship with existing customers and maintain sales outside ordertakers visit customers and replenish inventory stocks of resellers. Provide assistance in arranging displays inside ordertakers answer questions, take orders, complete transactions w/ customers. Retail clerks. Employed by companies using inbound telemarketing – use of toll free #s order getting sells in a conventional sense and identifies prospective customers, provides customers with info, persuades them to buy, closes sales, follows up on customers’ use of a p/s. can be inside our outside. Requires creativity and customer empathy outbound telemarketing practice of using phone rather than personal visits to contact customers personal selling process sales activities occurring before and after the sale itself (6 stages) ((388)) 1. Prospecting search for and qualification of potential customers
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lead possible prospect prospect person who wants/needs product qualified prospect
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ch17 notes - Ch 17: Personal Selling & Sales Management...

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