ch 7 part 2 notes

ch 7 part 2 notes - CH 7(PART 2 DISSOCIATIVE SOMATOFORM...

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Hysteria and the Unconscious Dissociative and somatoform disorders were previously seen as hysteria – reflects the ancient view that frustrated sexual desires, esp a woman’s desire to have a baby, cause the symptoms Charcot, Freud, and Janet Charcot used hypnosis to induce and treat hysteria. He influenced Freud and Janet Freud considered dissociation to be a normal, a routine means through which the ego defended itself against unacceptable unconscious thoughts. He saw dissociation and repression as similar processes and used them interchangeably. He viewed dissociative and somatoform disorders as 2 of many expressions of unconscious conflict Janet saw dissociation as an abnormal process. Detachment from conscious awareness occurred only as a part of psychopathology. Psychological science and the unconscious 2 systems of information processing rational system: uses abstract, logical knowledge to solve complex problems over time experimental system: uses intuitive knowledge to respond to problems immediately without thought Rationally, we know airplanes are safer than cars. Emotionally, we’re more likley to fear airplanes Explicit vs. Implicit Memory Explicit: conscious recollection of a past event Implicit: indicated by changes in behavior based on a memory of a prior event but with not conscious remembering of the event Prosopagonsia – no face recognition, but demonstrate the normal preference for the “familiar” faces Hypnosis – people experience loss of control over their actions in response to suggestions from the hynotist Dissociative disorders – characterized by persistent, maladaptive disruptions of memory, consciousness, or identity Dissociative Fugue* – sudden and unexpected travel away from home with inability to recall details about the past and confusion about identity or assumption of a new identity
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ch 7 part 2 notes - CH 7(PART 2 DISSOCIATIVE SOMATOFORM...

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