ch 1 notes - CH 1: DILEMMAS OF DEMOCRACY Globalization the...

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CH 1: DILEMMAS OF DEMOCRACY Globalization – the increasing interdependence of citizens and nations across the world Politics – the authoritative allocation of values for a society The Globalization of American Government Government – legitimate use of force – inc firearms, imprisonment, execution – within specified geographical boundaries to control human behavior National sovereignty – a political entity’s externally recognized right to exercise final authority over its affairs (each national government has the right to govern its people as it wishes, without interference from other nations) The Purposes of Government Maintaining Order – oldest purpose in gov Order – established ways of social behavior Preserve life and protect property Communism – political system in which ownership of all land and productive facilities is in the hands of the people and all goods are equally shared. The production and distribution of goods are controlled by an authoritarian government. (Karl Marx) Providing Public Goods Public goods – benefits and services, such as parks and sanitation, that benefit all citizens but are not likely to be produced voluntarily by individuals Promoting Equality Gained prominence in the 20 th century after industrialization and urbanization A Conceptual Framework for Analyzing Government Concepts that identify the values pursued by government: Freedom Freedom of – an absence of constraints on behavior (freedom of speech) Freedom from – immunity (freedom from want) Order Social order – established patterns of authority in society and to traditional modes of behavior
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ch 1 notes - CH 1: DILEMMAS OF DEMOCRACY Globalization the...

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