ch 5notes - CH 5 PARTICIPATION VOTING Political...

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Political participation – actions of private citizens by which they seek to influence or support government and politics Conventional participation – relatively routine political behavior that uses institutional channels and is acceptable to the dominant culture Campaigning for candidates; voting in elections Supportive behavior – actions that express allegiance to the gov and country fly flag, vote influencing behavior – behavior that seeks to modify or reverse gov policy to serve political interests particular benefits: self-interest, contributing money to a candidate’s campaign, used by ppl of higher SES broad policy objectives: vote, attend political meetings class-action suit – a legal action brought by a person or group on behalf of a number of ppl in similar circumstances Unconventional participation – relatively uncommon political behavior that challenges or defies established institutions and dominant norms Strike Terrorism – premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombat targets Direct action – unconventional participation that involves assembling crowds to confront
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ch 5notes - CH 5 PARTICIPATION VOTING Political...

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