ch2 notes - CH 2: THE CONSTITUTION Coercive (Intolerable)...

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CH 2: THE CONSTITUTION Coercive (Intolerable) Acts 1774 Imposed blockade on Boston until tea was paid for Power to put British soldiers in private homes First Continental Congress 1774 Second Continental Congress 1775 Prepare for war or reconcile with Britain? Declaration of Independence – Thomas Jefferson Right of the colonies to separate from Great Britain Social contract theory – people agree to set up rulers for certain purposes and thus have the right to resist /remove rulers who act against those purposes Republic – a government without a monarch; a government rooted in the consent of the governed, whose power is exercised by elected representatives responsible to the governed confederation – loose association of independent states that agree to cooperate on specified matters Articles of Confederation 1777– compact among 13 original states that established the 1 st government of the United States. Failed: Did not give national government the power to tax Made no provision for an independent leadership position to direct gov Did not allow the gov to regulate interstate and foreign commerce Could not be amended without unanimous agreement Virginia Plan 1787 – set of proposals for a new government Powers separated into 3 separate branches Legislative – making laws Executive – enforcing laws Judicial – interpreting Legislature consists of 2 houses
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1 chosen by the people 1 nominated by state legislatures
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ch2 notes - CH 2: THE CONSTITUTION Coercive (Intolerable)...

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