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exam 2 material

exam 2 material - Easily changeable scenery The proscenium...

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Greek Theater Represent animals Communicate stories Built theaters into a hillside – ampitheater Orchestra – large open area in middle Primary area Most action of the play Ditharams – songs to praise the gods – celebration Thesbians – actors Koilon (or theatron) – seating area Roman theater More intimate Enclosed Not built into hillside Smaller orchestra – more action on stage Medieval theater Banned by constantine – real sex on stage Wagons – passion of Christ by different groups 12 stations promptbooks – plays are scripted
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Renaissance Neoclassicism – a systematic approach to playwriting based on interpretations of classical Greek The Italian Renaissance (1500-1700) Perspective painting of scenery
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Unformatted text preview: Easily changeable scenery The proscenium arch (picture frame) Standardized artifical lighting Opera Commedia dell’ arte (improvised comedy) By mid 1500s has spread to other countries Improvisational methods Acrobatic clowning Farcical plots Attractive lovers 3 basic tenets of neoclassicism reality morality universality reality = verisimilitude – staged events could occur in real life Elizabethan England william shakespeare christopher marlow ben jonson 1603 death of queen elizabeth – ascension of James I playwrights offer plays filled with terror and malcontent, similar to modern horror movies period officially ends in 1642 under Puritan control 16:46...
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  • Elizabeth I of England, large open area, Roman theater, Theater Represent animals, Standardized artifical lighting

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exam 2 material - Easily changeable scenery The proscenium...

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