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Erikson’s Stage Theory Identity vs role confusion (psychological conflict) Identity is one of the major developments in adolescents If it is not developed, less productiv in the long-run Identify who are, what are our values, choose path in life (career) Temporary period of distress, if make it, develop identity, if not, role confusion Self-understanding View of self is more complex End of middle childhood, complex personality traits Abstract categories may not relate – conflictual Middle to late adolescence – able to better organize categories, become less conflictual Emphasis on social values reflect need to be viewed positively Teens have ris in self-esteem again Influenced by teachers, parents, friends Identity formation (4 stages – depend on exploration and commitment) 1. Identity achievement – commited to values, beliefs, goals after exploration 2. Identity maturation – lots of exploration, not committed to single identity
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3. Identity foreclosure – commitment to to one’s identity, but haven’t explored 4. Identity diffusion – apathetic state, not exploring, not commited to identity typically move from lower forms to higher ones college allows to better explore, but sometimes continues after college those who decide to work immediately after high school settle into identity more quickly losing job results in losing identity Adolescents must determine identity before having genuine, intimate relationships As long as exploring, psychologically healthy, normative Achievement = higher self-esteem, more in control of their lives Foreclosed = black/white thinking, take on other people’s values w/o question Do not explore other possibilities; avoidant in cognitive style – gut reaction Influences on identity development Peronality If believe truth is always available – foreclosure Never going to feel certain about anything – diffused
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ch 12 - Ch12:Social&EmotionalDevelopmentinAdolescence...

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