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ERIKSON’S THEORY Intimacy vs isolation Centered around a person’s thoughts and feelings about a permanent commitment to an intimate partner Need to balance self-determination with desire for intimacy Without these ties, isolation is the result Identity achievement positively linked with fidelity (loyalty) and love Identity moratorium (exploring) negatively linked with fidelity and love Women try to coordinate between career goals and intimacy How personal goals will impact relationships Intimacy is related to being: Cooperative Tolerant of others Accepting of different backgrounds Value friendships and work ties Achieving intimacy sets the stage for striving for generativity in middle adulthood A secure identity fosters attainment of intimacy Commitment to personally meaningful values and goals prepares young adults for interpersonal commitments LEVINSON’S SEASONS OF LIFE Studied between 35-45
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Change occurred in way they approach developmental tasks Life structure – underlying design to one’s life, consists of relationships with significant others, groups, institutions Early adult transition (17-22 yrs) We contruct a dream – image of self as adult that guides our decisions Entry life structure (22-28 yrs) Tend to find a mentor to help guide us toward right path Transition around age 30 – shift focus from career to life partner if single If married, start focusing on individual goals Culminating life structure (33-40 yrs) Establish niche in society consistent with values SOCIAL CLOCK Social clock – Age graded expectations for major life events 1 st job, marriage, childbirth, buying home, retiring Psychological stress if not on the right schedule How it influences you Those who started families on time became more responsible, self-controlled, tolerant,
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