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ERIK ERIKSON Generativity vs stagnation Generativity involves reaching out to others in wats that give to and guide the next generation Child bearing, child rearing, estanlishing a niche in occupational world Generativity Everything generated to outlive the self and ensure society’s continuity and improvement Children, ideas, products, works of art Low in anxiety and depression High in autonomy, self-acceptance, life satisfaction Stagnation Once people attain certain life goals, such as marriage/children/success, they may become self-centered amd self-indulgent LEVINSON’S SEASONS OF LIFE Young-old Seek new ways of being young and old Give up certain youthful qualities, find meaning in being older Women appear less attractive Men are less strong Destruction-creation Past destructive behaviors should be enhaced by current advance in welfare
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The image of legacy can be satisfied in many ways Charitable gifts, creative products, volunteer service, mentoring young Masculinity-feminimity Men accept roles of caring and enhancing close relationships Women accept roles of autonomy and assertiveness Adrongyny is associated with favorable personality traits and adjustment Engagement-separateness Balance between engagement with external world and separateness Reduce concern with ambition and achievement – focus on self Or move from focus on home to involved with a small position MIDLIFE CRISIS Midlife crisis – self-doubt and stress, in the 40s, prompt major restructuring of personality By late midlife, with less time ahead to make life changes, people’s interpretations of regrets play a major role in their well-being Life evaluation is common. Most people make changes that are best described as turning
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