Erikson - ERIK ERIKSON EGO PSYCHOLOGY Erik Erikson Ego...

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ERIK ERIKSON & EGO PSYCHOLOGY 10/11/11 Erik Erikson & Ego Psychology -Focus on ego -considered himself a Freudian Stage Theory of Development Biology and sexuality are the basis of motivation Structural model (id, ego, superego) Trained by Anna Freud -Seen as different from Freud Life-long development Adolescence and identity 3 new stages direct study with children Greater focus on ego Psychosocial stages Adaptation in a social environment Ego development, ego qualities Focuses on normality rather than abnormality Social and Cultural factors Spent time with various cultures (Sioux)
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Psychoanalytic biographies (Ghandi, MLK) BIOGRAPHY -Born 1902, Frankfurt -Father abandoned him at 3 years old -Dr. Hamburger was his mentor Search for a father figure? -Graduated from the “gymnasium” (high school for those going to college) -No advanced degree -Alienation- Quest Taught art classes Hiked around Europe Years of rebellion, discontent… -Work and Study at Anna Freud’s School (and Dorothy Tiffany Burlington) -USA- Harvard, Yale, UC Berkeley Around Margaret Mead and others -Sioux, Yurok -Refused Loyalty oath at Berkeley and returned to Harvard -Died at Age 91 SOCIETY’S INFLUENCEE
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Erikson - ERIK ERIKSON EGO PSYCHOLOGY Erik Erikson Ego...

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