Factor analytic trait theories

Factor analytic trait theories - Factor analytic trait...

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Factor Analytic Trait Theories Factor analytic trait theories More systematic, mathematical Basics of factor analysis – large collection of observation Anything that can be quantified Correlation coefficient between each possible pair Factors – Condense large number of relationship into a smaller number of clusters Rotaton of axes Orthogonal – it is assumed that there is no relation to eachother Oblique – assumption that there is always some relationship Raymond B. Cattell – Biography Born 1905, England Childhood, WW1 Ph.D w Charles Spearman Leicester Child Guidance Clinic E.L. Thorndike – Columbia Clark U, Harvard WW2 – selection of officers
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Cattell – views of science, research, and theory Nature of personality research Particular difficulties Measuring intangibles Looking at things that everyone has an opinion on Methodological self-awareness Can not fool ourselves into thinking we are being objective or go to the other extreme and think we are not – have to be as mathematical and systematic as possible Theory based on measurement Theory has to come from data Opposed earlier clinical methods Hypothetical-deductive methods Inductive methods Collect large body of data. Analyze. Come to conclusion you can test 3 methods of measurement
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Factor analytic trait theories - Factor analytic trait...

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