Freud - FREUD & PSYCHOANALYSIS Biography 1856-1939...

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Biography 1856-1939 Vienna Joseph Breuer – work with hysteria Symbolic expression of unconscious Interpretation of Dreams 1900 Psychopathology of Everyday Life Psychoanalytic Association Ernest Jones – orthodox Freudian Bibliographer of Freud Carly Jung – crowned prince; expected to take over President of international psychoanalytic association Alfred Adler – disagreement about sex relating to personality Social interaction/wholistic theory A.A. Brill – helped create psychoanalysis in US More rigid than Europe Karl Abraham – established practice in Berlin Forbidden by Nazis Trip to US – Clark University
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World War Later Years Cancer of the jaw Removal of upper pallete/ roof of mouth Got out of Germany at last minute – went to London Daughter Anna Died by euthenasia Psychoanalysis Theory of the Unconscious Theory of Personality Theory of Dynamic Processes Theory of Development – psychosexual stages Theory of Symbolism Theory of Pathology Method of Therapy Method of Study Huge Institution
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Freud - FREUD & PSYCHOANALYSIS Biography 1856-1939...

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