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Overview Ousted disciple of Freud – disagreed with centrality of sexuality Collective unconscious – best known contribution; emotionally condowned experiences handed down from anscestors “in born predispositions” is a product of something that happened to ancestors; carry on Archetypes – highly developed Self-realization and balance – maturation; archetype; always involves balance Religious and mythical issues – collective unconscious found expressions through dreams; product of collective unconscious Jung Biography Born 1875, Switzerland – schizophrenic Mother – mediums, contact with dead Classic scholar, studied medicine Religious and mystical heritage – country pastor Psychiatric assistant to Bleuler – Burgholtzi Hosp – causes/treatments of schizo Met Freud 1907 – not impressed with Freud’s interpretation of dreams More intrigued as years went on Jung talked of as Freud’s successor 1 st President International Psychoanalytic Assoc – Clark University lectures Split with Freud Period of “creative illness” – confusion, depression, self-analysis Individuation Social urges are powerful and important but there is more going on
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