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personality - Individual Behavioral Psychological...

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PERSONALITY Defining personality Distinctive individual qualities of a person considered collectively A quantity Ability to elicit positive reactions A person’s most dominant characteristic What we are at the core Total combination of enduring characteristics Personality Varies by approach (theory) The distinctive patterns of behavior that characterize each individual’s adaptation to the situations of his/her life Common elements Individual differences Consistencies in behavior Reciprocal interaction with the world The whole person Human nature Characteristics we have in common by virtue of being human and variations that make us unique Consistencies, variations, development, response to environment, health, pathology, change Theory Relating one idea to another Set of related assumptions from which, by logical deductive reasoning, testable hypothesis can be drawn Popular usage: something speculative
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Daniel Robinson’s view Prototype: A = MD 2 Characteristics of personality theories Levels of conceptualization Biological
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Unformatted text preview: Individual Behavioral Psychological Unconscious Interpersonal Sociological Sociobiological Integrationist Components Personality structure Motivation Development Psychopathology Psychological health Therapy (change) Criteria for evaluating theories Authority Aristotle Evidence PERSONALITY Logic (philosophy) Epiphany – know something you didn’t know before The experience was compelling Evaluating philosophical assumptions Coherence Are the statements clear, logical, consistent? Relevance Do they matter? Have bearing on reality? Comprehensiveness Does it accomplish everything? sufficient scope? Profound? Compelling Experiential knowing/epiphany Evaluating scientific statements Verifiability Based on empirical observation Lead to testable hypothesis Compatibility Relationship to authority, previous knowledge Predictive (heuristic) value Anticipate phenomenon we observe, are interested in Parsimony Simplistic; efficient Functional significance Useful, things that matter,...
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personality - Individual Behavioral Psychological...

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