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Unformatted text preview: BF SKINNER & RADICAL BEHAVIORISM Behaviorism Environmentalism Idea that who we are comes from our environment Personality is an acquired set of responses from the environment If the environment changes, your personality will change Descartes vs Locke & Hume Descartes Hueristics how do we know what we think we know? We can know that we exist bc we have the experience of thinking sensations are present I think, therefore I am There are certain things we are born knowing Locke & Hume There is no pre-existing content in the brain Who we are psychologically & behaviorally is made up from the accumulation of experiences from the environment The experiences come thru our minds thru our sensations Born tabula rasa a blank slate Elements of learning become interrelated Why does fire truck = red Behaviorism Reaction to introspection We learn about ourselves by looking into ourselves Reaction to psychoanalysis Goals were to try to discover regular laws of psychology Be able to study behavior objectively The thing being studying is doing the studying so then objectivity is impossible Need to observe behavior and reactions...
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