criteria for evaluating theories

criteria for evaluating theories - Testability – ability...

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Scope – breadth of com behaviors covered in the theory Boundaries are the limits of a theory’s scope Logical consistency – theories should make sense; clear and not contradictory Do the claims of the theory match its assumptions? Do the principles contradict each other? Parsimony – simplicity of the explanation provided by the theory Is the theory as simple as it can be to explain the phenomenon? Utility – usefulness or practical value
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Unformatted text preview: Testability – ability to test for accuracy of a theory’s claim Can the theory be shown to be false? Heurism – amount of research and new thinking stimulated by the theory How has the theory been used in research extensively to stimulate new ways of thinking about communication? Test of time – durability over time How long has the theory been used in communication research?...
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