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FUNCTIONAL PERSPECTIVE OF DECISION MAKING Developed by Hirokawa & Gouran Tradition: socio-psychological/cybernetic Context: group Approach: empirical Discussion among group members has a significant effect on the quality of decisions Functional perspective – describes and predicts how task groups perform when 4 communication functions are filled Requisite functions – requirements for group outcome Analysis of problem Determine nature, extent, causes of problem facing the group Goal setting Establishing criteria by which to judge proposed solutions Identification of alternatives
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Unformatted text preview: Generation of options to sufficiently solve the problem Evaluation of +/- characteristics Testing the relative merits of each option against the criteria selected Types of communication in decision-making Promotive Interaction that moves the group along the goal path by calling attention to one of the requisite functions Disruptive Interaction that diverts, retards, or frustrates group members’ ability to achieve the 4 functions Counteractive Interaction that members use to get the group back on track...
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