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history and development

history and development - Presumes the media is neutral...

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HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT Basic Development of Mass Media Late 1400s – Guttenberg/Printing Press 1800s – photography, telephone, phonograph (Thomas Edison) Early 1900s – 1 st feature film, 1 st portable phonograph, radio Mid 1900s – TV, newspaper, magazines, digital Late 1900s – computer Early 2000s – interactive media, print media falls Laswell (1948) Model of mass com Functions of media Who Surveillance Says what Provide info of the environment What channel Represent opinions To Whom Socializing With what effect Education Metaphors for thinking about media (Meyrowitz, 1993) Medium as a vessel
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Unformatted text preview: Presumes the media is neutral Medium as language Each medium has its own structure and the effect of the medium relies on the structyre Medium as environment Because of the choice and bombardment of media messages, the media shapes our experiences, often unconsciously Two sides of media The link between media and society How media is embedded in society and what are the mutual influences between larger social structures and the media The link between media and audiences What are the effects and outcomes of media consumption on individuals and groups...
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