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Interest group strategies - Interest group strategies:...

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Interest group strategies: Lobbying, Access, Litigation, Going Public, Electoral Politics. CHART PAGE 378 An interest groups is defined by the textbook as, “a group of people organized around a shared belief or mutual concern who try to influence the government to make policies promoting their beliefs or concerns.” (Lowi, p. 361) Although there are many interest groups that represent economics, labor, professions, finance, and the public, they are organized in the same way. First, all groups work to draw in a large number of members that will invest money, time and energy into the group. Groups appeal to members by promoting political goals and offering informational, material, social, or purposive benefits. Informational benefits include special newsletters, periodicals, training programs, and conferences. Material benefits include special goods, services, or money. Social benefits include friendship, netweorking, and consciousness-raising. Purposive benefits include purpose and accomplishments of the group. These benefits are provided to members of groups to entice others to join. (Lowi, p. 364) People w/ higher incomes, higher levels of education, and management or professional occupations are much more likely to become members or groups than those
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Interest group strategies - Interest group strategies:...

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