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Final Exam Essay Questions Professor Ken Kollman University of Michigan 111 Political Science Winter, 2009 Instructions: READ CAREFULLY. At the top of your essay, be sure to include ONLY your student ID and the name of your GSI. Answer one of the two questions below in the form of an essay of no more than 600 words (approximately two, double-spaced typed pages). Please use Times New Roman font, 12 pt. Your essays must be typed and brought to the final exam on April 28. It is OK to talk in general terms about these questions with others. But the essay must be your own work. Plagiarism will be dealt with sternly. If you use readings from the course, then you can cite using the last name and page number, like this: (Lowi, Ginsberg, and Shepsle, p. 78). If you use outside readings, you need to cite fully and include full information on the source in a bibliography. (Use of outside sources is optional.) Questions: #1 Interest groups that rely on voluntary contributions and voluntary labor constantly
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Unformatted text preview: face collective dilemmas. Write an essay that describes how interest groups overcome specific collective dilemmas. In the essay, make an argument on how different kinds of incentives used to attract volunteers lead to the attraction of different kinds of volunteers which can lead to different kinds of lobbying strategies. #2 Evidence shows that, during the last few years of the G.W. Bush Administration, the public was deeply split over the Iraq war, and that the split was primarily along party lines. That is, Democratic identifiers in the population overwhelmingly opposed the war and Republican identifiers in the population overwhelmingly supported the war. Moreover, these two groups were also split over Bush's performance as president. (See page 395 in the textbook.) Write an essay, relying on what you know about public opinion and partisanship, that explains these patterns. In the essay comment on whether these facts contradict Fiorina's arguments in his book....
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