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exam1 review - unconstitutional – it’s the way that the...

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Principal agent (president – bureaucracy) Problem in bureaucracies Bureaucratic drift Congress vs. president Congressional oversight is one numerated power (fire alarm) Ch3- powers of different branches Collective dilemma Different personal interest, but collective main goal Coordination problem Lack of communication between 2 parties to work together Willingmen to coordinate but when have too much people, difficult Free-rider = collective action, enjoy public foods without working for it To deal w fr problem, congress is providing selective incentives Chair a favorite committee US vs Lopez US gov cannot regulate on the basis commerce Use of commernce clause in this case is unconstutional. Its not even that the act is
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Unformatted text preview: unconstitutional – it’s the way that the govt is using it to make an argument that it’s a violation of the commerce clause. So pretty much court is saying that by doing that, the govt is chipping away from the powers of the state. **always remember that this test is gonna be talking about FEDERALISM. So if ur in trouble, try to keep that in mind. Veto bargaining Congress writes legislative. Taking into account he probability of the president’s veto Blame game- give bill to president, knowing the veto is coming Bureaucracy Cameron- Bargaining and power Coordination problem...
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