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judiciary - THE JUDICIARY COMPLAINTS-Undemocratic(judges...

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THE JUDICIARY – 3/2/09 COMPLAINTS -Undemocratic (judges appointed) -Activist -Myth protects them -Conservative RULE OF LAW -Society runs by a set of rules -Government must obey the law -Courts are neutral (matter of degree) WHAT DO COURTS DO? -Solve collective dilemmas -Resolve disputes -Biast court -Need to provide last outcome (both not steal) Steal Rancher 2 not steal Steal 1 cow (anger) 2 cows, 0 cow (anger) 1 cow (anger) uncertainty, maybe no cows Rancher 1 Not steal 0 cows (anger) 2 cows 1 cow, 1 cow COORDINATING ON THE SAME INTERPRETATION Interpretation A Company Interpretation B Int A No Lawsuits Lawsuits Bureacracy Int B Lawsuits No Lawsuits AS COURTS HAVE INTERPRETATED The Constitution guarantees: -The right to burn the flag (freedom of speech) -The right to sacrifice animals during a religious ritual (freedom of religion) -Minorities cannot be excluded from society (equal protection) -Women have a right to an abortion (right to privacy)
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TYPES OF LEGAL SYSTEMS -Common law (US, Britain) precedent is key – courts make decisions based on law.
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