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cDt ttoib \vt l\01 flr>l€eM Rf\\E'^/ ,n" ln*ro) hua Io conttl 4*tio, 6rh^f,e*\o D th" 6*o oP ro^hl ,"r"r oJpdiq lt* "roqrii,&,,,a,d d,,ge- tl J,S-*f fleq*,".itt"h o7i*u el'b'l"lJ ' r 't f l' p.,i:j" # b k*" ) # ;**,#I"i.; ktff "h \"4 c 0{- rq\v! rr l; 106, rP cn r\Ju' ,'oe c-{01 4e{'atnb" n "onl'ne"' Iq 'F Pl",ri ;Hffif )o!^^* ho") o' ^ ('&'')'o'l '1 co*a eso'l f---- 't eaf r.l,vn" '^trp"*l A^Ia t J1*'ica al o&*rtw' eE'4 wrcr \J I x eurui"ln. \," <ox, & ndi>'4 V't*'>, 'na -n q,J ^Nff.il'4ta,i,f'q".;;t/$-t i' tu'') o^ o 'o&l AC&, dt ilo uor,e Lf'al{tEY' +'Fer.) HEI'r' *gei,fi'ffi,f,ht lMd\q*i6''" ('ohtr* conh\) - ol:o i" cwZalat ,,odtnvl con{to\ v I in \\$, l\LF-,r ' *r*\t\ don,*t, 1ro 1ec\orot Xivre",tl* c\o r:i.ol ,rfr\ i, i,*o. loop
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4ovtq, Revle,, n /!l<{lob conlrnqrut '40'a slno'\d houll ' 'ii'nii,xi,,,{it;I, t1. g\^'*, +c, Ll, oLff' L€L* o :kle oy*e 4 tr'q'ci'r 'Q,v"{loirr \o $ l*n oti hl"e \*'v{Y" ^'v ,n i'A> + Br, "ffi::"*.I = lI. U' r,{ C.+ + v, -=:7 t/ 6x + DU 7 ,. . - y!,) - C (rr _A). e +D b tt) 'O(:) ' \o.r f*, t[' , t'i ;, tt"li"ofio"' of cr (:) - o .*\,*of'* ',1nof ,.i1* (q, ==T*, T ,r*,+d. ) r*)*lil;fq, ohr.,u"[,];tln 1Or"rt,' .rr 6 tt) . ^ are wg,rjr19 *l'" rdl' anl'on, "o+ tl^q tt -'t'hd" -'ot^ic"l 0t* o*l o[xru"bL canonitz'l hr".t a^nC\ C" e'\ pt" th'e"'al- (Atrvr) 0 4{6b0dL"k 6. \i'nuor (orli'e'.ld)aqp{an
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midterm_review_notes - cDt ttoib R flr&gt;leM f\E'^/ hI \vt...

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