Ae104a10_midterm - Ae/APh 104a Mid-term exam, 2010 Issued:...

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Unformatted text preview: Ae/APh 104a Mid-term exam, 2010 Issued: Thursday, October, 28th, 8am Due: Friday, October 29th, 7pm (to 120 Karman) RULES FOR THE EXAM: 1. The exam must be written during one sitting of 2 3 4 hours (the clock starts as soon as you start writing). However you may take an additional period of up to 15 minutes to read over the questions and think about how to answer them immediately before beginning to write (i.e. do not look at the exam until you are ready to take it). Therefore allow a total of 3 hours to complete the exam. 2. Collaboration is not permitted in the exam. 3. Write your solutions in a blue examination booklet. 4. The exam is closed notes (anything written in class or to expand upon class notes, problem sets and solutions) and closed books. 5. Personal computers may not be used .. 6. Write clearly, show all your working and state any assumptions you make (this is very important). If you have any questions while taking the exam, you may contact Prof. McKeon (120 Karman, x4460, [email protected]) or Jeff LeHew (115 Kar- man, [email protected]), but note that availability will depend on the time of day when you take the exam. Read the problems carefully before beginning. 1 1/2 [30pts] Figure 1: Schematic of a synthetic jet actuator (Gallas, 2002) . A well-characterized actuator used for control of flow is a synthetic jet, so- called because a diaphragm, driven by signal V ac ( t ), inside a cavity with a narrow orifice exiting into the flow of interest excites a periodic jet with a net volumetric flow rate out of the device,...
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Ae104a10_midterm - Ae/APh 104a Mid-term exam, 2010 Issued:...

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